Basic, Advanced & Diabetic Foot Care

About Shelley

Shelley has been a Registered Nurse for over 30 years and has held a number of nursing positions such as Emergency room, Public Health Nurse in Clinical Services, Healthy Babies Healthy Children, School Health, Tobacco Prevention Diseases and Communicable Health and most recently as a Nursing Professor for the past 13 years.

Three years ago she returned to school part-time to take the Esthetics program. While enrolled in the Pedicure course, Shelley found much to her dismay, that she enjoyed caring for people’s feet. With her new found interest, Shelley decided to combine her nursing education and experience with her pedicure knowledge, and registered with Foot Care Kingston to complete a basic, advanced and diabetic foot care program. During her foot care program, Shelley had a clinical placement in Hamilton with a centre dedicated to the foot care of diabetic clients. This reinforced to Shelley the need for trained foot care being available and accessible to all clients and especially the older population and diabetics.
Shelley’s interest in foot care also results from her own personal experiences with a variety of foot problems and the desire to make a difference to those suffering from foot issues and pain.


Why Make Use Of A Foot Care Nurse?


Upholds the Standards of Practice enforced by the College of Nurses of Ontario and expected by the public including infection control measures
Is able to perform a balance assessment
Performs an assessment of the skin, nails, and structure of the feet
Trims and shapes normal, thick, curved, and/or peeling nails
Reduces corns and callouses
Treats ingrown nails
Provides lower leg and foot massage
Provides healthy teaching, particularly to diabetic clients
Suggests referrals as required

What I Can Do For You

Balance assessments

Assessment of the skin, nails and structure of the feet

Trim and shape normal, thick, curved, and/or peeling nails

Reduce corns and callouses

Treat ingrown nails

Lower leg and foot massage

Health Teaching